David Walsh is a pen collector, surgeon and would be artist

These are his ideas, thoughts and images

  • The imperfect can become more beautiful

    September 11, 2019 by

    “Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer. It teaches us to embrace damage and flaws.” — ManGill. For most of my adult life I have helped repair the sick. Many had their lives suddenly shattered and altered forever. It was a job at which I was quite good. Recently, the… Read more

  • A Peter Pen

    June 26, 2022 by

    “Every parent believes their kid’s doodles are amazing…” Solange Knowles Peter Deligdisch is an American artist and YouTuber. He draws complex abstract doodles on video and usually combines it with a new pen review. It is very engaging viewing, especially if you are into pens. Peter has very clear views on what sort of pen… Read more

  • Ancient orders

    June 22, 2022 by

    “When they stopped believing in Druids, they began to believe in anything…” Stephen Hunt Last weekend I ventured into Flinders Street with the Adelaide Urban Sketchers. Our target was the old Druid’s Hall. The Ancient Order of Druids was a friendship society founded by a group of merchants and artisans at the Kings Arms pub,… Read more

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