The old man and the sea

“ The man who has experienced shipwreck shudders even at a calm sea”


In 1852 Captain Joseph William Walsh from Belfast, first sailed as apprentice on the Edward. He was 16 years old. This voyage ended on the rocks of the Irish coast with the loss of 174 souls. By 1862 he had travelled the world and settled in Semaphore. He and his wife Margaret were about to start their family of five. In South Australian waters he was master of the brig Ella Campbell, and the barques Lavinia and St Magnus. To avoid confusion, brigs have two masts, and barques three or more. During his career he was involved in 2 more shipwrecks. Eventually, the sea did claim Joesph. On a beach walk at age 88 a freak storm and tide washed him into the ocean. His remains were found several months later on the Semaphore foreshore. Captain Walsh has an anchor at Semaphore Jetty commemorating his achievements at sea. He also has a great great grandson who is a surgeon. #shipwreckedagain #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “The old man and the sea

  1. Ovid is quite right David
    I can’t swim and sometime frightened in having water poured over my face and I was only 15 mths old when the boat caught fire and sank In the Mediterranean Sea
    By the way where are your paintings and pens?


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