Searching for Tupperware

“…geocaching is what happens when nerds go outside…”

Ancient Proverb

In 1973 the US Department of Defence began the launching of 33 satellites that would establish the GPS system. Many complex strategic plans were foreseen based on this technology. I suspect geocaching was not one of them. Devotees of this hobby use GPS coordinates to locate hidden caches. Caches contain a logbook of successful finders and a stash of trinkets to swap. Shown above are some of my treasure finds. I leave coloured erasers – I am a stationary geek! Geocaching is great way to spice up a walk, or explore a new destination. You already have a smartphone, just download a geocache app and get some signature goodies. The hardest to find caches are at the poles, on the slopes of Everest and on the ISS. #bewareofmuggles #letsmakelemonade

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