The optics of uncertainty

“Mathematicians, geometry specialists, doctors, artists – everyone sees a part of themselves in Leonardo…

Vincent Delieuvin, Curator

In December, the largest ever number of Da Vinci artworks went on display in an exhibition at the Louvre. Leonardo painted with a singular style – no harsh lines around objects. This is referred to by experts as optical uncertainty. Other things are also uncertain about the current exhibition. The Mona Lisa is absent, remaining in its usual position at the gallery. The Last Supper also remains on its wall in Milan. The real controversy is the most expensive Leonardo, the Salvator Mundi. Emerging as a sleeper painting, it was sold to a Saudi Prince for $657 Million in 2017. Is a really from the hand of Da Vinci? It was planned to be part of the Louvre exhibition, but it never arrived. If it was on the wall in Paris, how would they attribute the painting? Leonardo? Or from the workshop of Leonardo? The price would alter massively, perhaps the owners wouldn’t risk it. #didheordidnthe #letsmakelemonade

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