Madagascar in the CBD

“I remember someone saying they had never really noticed the palm trees until I painted them…”

David Hockney

Tucked behind the old Royal Adelaide Hospital is this wonderful building. It is the jewel of the Botanic Gardens. This structure was designed by German Architect Gustav Runge, and erected in 1875. After renovation in 1991 and 2018, it is open and fully functional. Palm houses were all the rage worldwide in the late 1800s, but most corroded away and have been lost. The Botanic gardens house is one of largest Victorian era glasshouses surviving in original condition and configuration. The plants collected within are from Madagascar. Australia and Madagascar were neighbours in the Gondawanda supercontinent, and so share a common floral ancestry. Many of the species in the palm house are rare or extinct in their Madagascan homeland. #greatsketchingchallenge #letsmakelemonade

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