Justus for all

“The craftsman’s job is to make the customer’s dreams take shape…”

Nagahara Nobuyoshi, Pen Doctor

Japanese kanji are writing characters that require multiple horizontal lines, very fine elements and tapered ink trails. Traditionally, they were made with soft hair brushes. Fast forward to the 20th Century, and ballpoints are not going to cut it. Japan therefore, has maintained a strong culture of fountain pen use and manufacture. The leading companies are Pilot, Sailor and Platignum. Compared to western pen makers, Japanese nibs are reknown for soft alloys and flexible characteristics which aid the writing of kanji. The above photo is my Pilot Justus 95, which illustrates the point nicely. It has a 14K gold nib, the firmness of which can be varied using the movable support bar. The turning ring seen on the section makes the nib hard or soft, to suit the writing task and paper. #apenforalloccasions #letsmakelemonade

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