Grand designing Adelaide

“When you get to be 103, modernism is a very wide concept…”

Daniel Barenboim

Kevin McLeod, the high priest of TV architecture, recently visited Adelaide to perform for his disciples. When he emerged on stage he was clutching a copy of the above book. It was stated that this had been his guide to the architectural history of our city. It was an excellent choice. Stuart Symons has written a fabulous book, detailing the history of 100 modernist Adelaide buildings. Homes, shops, factories and hospitals are all there. These buildings are not bulletproof. If we don’t them love and identify them, they will be lost. My only gripe with the book is that the index listing on page 150 for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is fact the the operating theatre block of the old Royal Adelaide. #goandbuyacopy #letsmakelemonade

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