Go with the flow

“Water is the driving force of nature…”

Leonardo Da Vinci

In many ways, a pen is a small waterfall for your hand. The SA Government recognises 28 official waterfalls in our state. One is Ingalalla Falls, just south of Yankalilla. The study of waterfalls attracts nearly as many nerds as do fountain pens. There are 10 classifications of type, with more than 20 subtypes. Power or volume of a fall is graded using a 1 to 10 logarithmic scale, much the same as earthquakes. Niagara is a classic example of a 10. Beautiful Ingalalla would be a Horsetail Slide (water contacts rock over multiple channels), Ephemeral (Flows increase or are dependent on rainfall or ice melts), grade 1-2. It is a great place to practice social distancing. #suitablefordogwalks #letsmakelemonade

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