More than a meal, a memory

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta…”

Federico Felini

Such are the times that many of us are doing a lot of thinking, and cooking. I remember it was definitely a school night. It was definitely pasta carbonara. It was most likely 1973. It was an Italian restaurant in Gouger Street, or maybe near Whitmore Square. It is bugging me that I can’t remember it’s name. My parents and I had been invited to dine there by my sophisticated godparents, Heather and Maurice. They were wildly exotic. They had been to Singapore, Hong Kong and India. I was terrified to order, Auntie Heather helped me. The dish was unforgettable, creamy, sharp with fresh cheese and the spaghetti was weird. It had a bite and taste. The colour wasn’t red. This was not the stuff in the tin. I have never forgotten how this moment changed my understanding of food in an instant. My kids sometimes get annoyed when I make a fuss preparing pasta at home. I am just trying to recreate the magic. #helpmewiththenameoftheplace #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “More than a meal, a memory

  1. In 1973 we would have been eating at Paul’s Fish CafĂ© in Gouger Street as a special treat.


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