The response to threat

“What the hell are you doing, dropping depth charges in Sydney Harbour?”

Admiral Gerard Muirhead-Gould RN

After Japanese Submarines fired torpedoes in Sydney Harbour, the threat was real. Many cities had been devastated by bombardment in WW2. Australia was no longer immune and our first response to attack was amateur to say the least. As part of the response, a series of air raid shelters were constructed in the suburbs of Adelaide. Four survive to this day. This site is in the corner of Prospect Oval. The shelters were not for the protection of the population, but served as secure communication stations to coordinate a response to air attacks. After the war, the bunker was used by the Boy Scouts, St Johns Ambulance and the Adelaide Scalextric Car Club. Sadly, it is now flooded and serves as a memorial site. #historyalwaysrepeats #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “The response to threat

  1. My fathers friend was in the RAN and commanded the corvette that dropped those depth charges

    He was credited with sinking the midget subs

    Of course the next day it was found that they self detonated


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