Bring back the colour to surgery

“A certain excessiveness seems a necessary element in all greatness…”

Dr Harvey Cushing

We have previously discussed Harvey Cushing and his early use of diathermy. Cushing was a man of many achievements and firsts. Cushing was a major pioneer in what would become the specialty of Neurosurgery. As an Endocrine surgeon I am often testing for the presence of Cushing’s Syndrome. Cushing actually described Cushing’s disease, which is specific type of the syndrome related to a pituitary tumour. Also of interest to me is the description of his detailed operative drawings, often elaborated with watercolours. As we can see above, Harvey Cushing also liked to document his travels with quick ink and watercolour paintings, what we would now call urban sketching. Sadly after EPAS computer records, I don’t get to draw anything in the notes. #surgicalartistsunite #letsmakelemonade

2 thoughts on “Bring back the colour to surgery

  1. Love your reference to ‘urban sketching’! Cushing’s sketch is very good!


  2. Surely David you should be able to find a digital way of displaying photos and drawings on the computer that will get it on EPAS and be the patient’s own!
    Get the QEH computer wizards to help you.


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