Find water or wither

“It is wise to bring some water when one goes out to look for water…”

Arab Proverb

This faded sketch was a hurried work by Willian Westall, another of Matthew Flinders artists. This image comes at a moment of crisis in the Southern Coast voyage by the Investigator. Flinders has sailed South West from Sydney essentially as an ocean trip. He now had a dwindling supply of fresh water. Flinders recorded in the Ship’s journal that if no suitable water was found during this landing excursion, he would have no option but to abandon further exploration and return directly to Sydney Cove, the only site he was certain of fresh water. The shore party, lead by the Captain, climbed Stamford Hill just across from Port Lincoln, eventually finding undergound streams on it’s western base. Over the next week, 60 tonnes of “sweet” water were loaded onto the Investigator. Flinders now has time to carefully map the coast of South Australia, and members of his ships’s company would travel inland to map the spectular ranges that now bear his name. #investigatorartist2.0 #letsmakelemonade

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