Nib meister

“A pen is like a printer linked straight to your brain…”

Dale Dauten

Richard Esterbrook was a Cornish Quaker. In 1856, he saw a gap in the market and travelled to New Jersey to set up a steel pen company. At the time Europe dominated this market, but eventually Esterbrook had 450 workers and produced 600,000 pens per day. President Lincoln was known to use Esterbrooks. These were not pens as we would use. The fountain pen was not developed until the 1920s. Esterbrook founded his company producing nibs to use with dip pens, and what a range of styles he offered. Each nib carries a 4 number code, indicating the quality, price, style and recommended writing use. A few years ago my wife gave me an anniversary gift of these unique cuff links. They are Esterbrook nibs from the late 1800s, the rare 5000 series. 5284 is a general use broad nib. 5668 is a firm medium. #historyonyourwrist #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “Nib meister

  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful anniversary gift!


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