The Coca-Cola pen

“Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles in the first year. Never give up…”

Brian Dyson CEO

I am old enough to remember when you could only get Coca-Cola in bottles. Green bottles to be exact. Science has recently proven that the taste of Coke is better from glass bottles, the carbon dioxide decays less rapidly. For me it was never in doubt. The iconic Coke bottle appeared in 1915, produced by the Root Glassworks of Indiana. The shape reflects the cocoa pod. The colour comes from the high copper content of the sandhills that surround the glassworks. The glass was so iconic that later bottle manufacturers were required to add green dye to continue the branding style. Above is a pen made in limited numbers by the Franklin Christophe Company. It is a model 66 in Antique glass, although collectors who own them refer to their Coca-Cola pens. It writes as good as it tastes. #only50peryear #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “The Coca-Cola pen

  1. The move away from glass bottles has also been a disaster for Australian feet.
    The condition of plantar fasciitis or “plantar spur “ was traditionally treated by rolling one’s foot on a coke bottle . It’s just not the same if your bottle is a PET!

    Also David I have a new interpretation of “ let’s make lemonade “ I was given some lemons recently and have made my first batch of Limoncello. That’s like lemonade for grownups, I think.

    Have a Merry Christmas ,


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