The pale blue dot

“It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out…”

Carl Sagan

In 1977 NASA launched Voyager I. The craft’s role was to study our Solar System, in particular Saturn and it’s many rings. By November 1980 it had dealt with the planets of our Solar System and still travelling at 64,000 km/h, it became the first object with a camera to enter interstellar space. To be honest NASA had not expected the Voyager not to last much longer than Saturn, so the next part of the mission was largely unscripted. It is still going strong, doing and seeing things never imagined. In 1989, Carl Sagan suggested turning the spacecraft for a final photograph of Earth, now some 6 billion kilometres away. This unique image was taken with a narrow angle 1500mm high resolution camera. As 2020 comes to an end, it is a reminder that there is a bigger picture to remember. #sadlynobirdsinspace #happynye #simpler 2021 #letsmakelemonade

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