Watercolours and Tut

“I see wonderful things…”

Howard Carter

Howard Carter is a classic example of a self trained individual, overcoming derision and scepticism to follow his instincts and achieve amazing things. In his case, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s lost burial tomb. Carter was one of nine children, and his only education was that provided by his local village school. His talent and passion was watercolour art, particularly birds. At 17 he was offered a chance to travel to Egypt to sketch and paint the tombs at Beni Hasan. The rest is history. Frequently snubbed due to his lack of formal archaeological training, it is telling that when at age 50 he was listed in Who’s Who, Carter choose to describe himself as a painter. His great discoveries received only a secondary mention. #birdpaintersrule #letsmakelemonade

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