Aloha pens

“Love all you see, especially yourself…”

Hale Makua

So for the moment we can’t travel much, but we can write. Hawaii is an amazing place. The Kanilea Pen Company is based in Hawaii. They produce fountain pens capturing the spirit of these islands. Each pen is inspired by a specific image or photograph. The local word for where the land meets the sea, the beach, is Kahakai. This is the Kahakai pen. The acrylic block used to make this pen was coloured to reflect the photo seen next to it. Most of my blog writing is done on a weekend, usually not far from the beach. I compose the text initially with pen and paper. When I decided to acquire a pen to dedicate to this task (because it is what I do!), this was the obvious choice. Kanilea have a range of pen styles paying tribute to volcanos, reefs, birds, wildlife, coffee plants and mountains. They are all very pretty. #thankshughandkarol #letsmakelemonade

2 thoughts on “Aloha pens

  1. vandarounsefell March 14, 2021 — 8:36 am

    Memory-stirring. Good.
    Have you had a go at Pen & Wash? Ignorant question (French meaning).


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