Behind the Sunflowers

“I dream of painting and then I paint what I dream…”

Vincent Van Gogh

This portrait of ‘Pere’ Tanguy is an 1887 work by Vincent Van Gogh. Julien Francois Tanguy was Paris art dealer and paint grinder. Tanguy was known to accept paintings as payment for his paints, so the works by Van Gogh that he displayed in his shop window were the first public exhibition for the famous artist. Tanguy was a mentor, friend and benefactor of many of the Impressionist artists. Van Gogh used his paints throughout his career. Tanguy’s painting mixing skills were not great. Technical errors in the paints provided for Van Gogh meant many of his famous pieces required significant restoration within a few decades. He did however mix unique paint pigment recipes for Vincent, particularly the artist’s beloved yellows. These unique pigment combinations now act as a fingerprint when authenticating disputed Van Gogh works. #sunfloweryellow #letsmakelemonade

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