The living voice

“Few minds wear out. Most rust out…”

Christan Nextell Bovee

The phrase viva voce first appeared in medieval latin during the year 1563. It was originally an abverb, meaning with the living voice. In 1654 it had become an adjective, as in the viva voce examination. By 1842 the word examination had been dropped and it had became a stand alone noun. The above painting hangs on the walls of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. My own RACS vivas conducted in 1995, were an almost identical scene. This weekend I return to the exam rooms. All hands are needed during COVID. Surgical vivas are stressful, unpredictable and at times highly confronting for candidates and examiners alike. Good luck to everyone. #melbourneandchristchurchfuntimes #letsmakelemonade

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