Our first art

“Its the start of culture, the start of abstract thinking, the birth of art…”

Thomas Terberger, Nature Ecology & Evolution 2021

Homo sapiens have long considered themselves as being distinctly intellectually superior to Neanderthals. Being called a Neanderthal has always been a put down, and often one used for certain specialities of surgeon. One key example of intellectual dominance has been the absence of evidence for art and symbolism prior to the emergence of Homo sapiens. The image above could be game changing. It is a 50,000 year old deer foot bone, discovered in a German cave in 2019. It is a Neanderthal artefact. The chevron like carving on the bone is believed deliberate. If it is, then it represents a piece of symbolic art. It stands as evidence that Homo sapiens are not the only species to show artistic expression. #thefirstbonecutters #letsmakelemonade

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