Why the pocket was abandoned

“Watches are the only jewelry men can wear, unless your’re Mr T…”

Gordon Bethune

Albertos Santos-Dumont was one of the pioneer aeronauts. He was the first to take aloft a combustion powered craft. No small feat attached to a hydrogen filled balloon. The Holy Grail of early french aviation was to be the first to circle the top of the Eiffel tower. Santos-Dumont’s first attempts failed. At a fashionable Parisian dinner party in 1901, he commented to the jeweller Louis-François Cartier, that his major problem was keeping track of time and hence his limited reserves of petrol. He needed both hands on the finicky controls and couldn’t access his pocket watch. A few weeks later the problem was solved. Santos-Dumont had circled the Paris landmark and Cartier had released the first ever range of wrist watches. #lotus18673/8 #letsmakelemonade

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