The tides of memory

“Time and tide wait for no man…”

Geoffrey Chaucer

I consider myself to have two periods of childhood. The first was my own and the second was shared with my girls. A strong memory of my second childhood involves the exploration of tidal rock pools with Ellie and Trina. Usually done during holiday periods at the height of summer, timing was the key. The best opportunities for an adventure were just before the nadir of low tide. You still need a decent bit of water in those rock pools. We usually planned our trips to the reef by a series of careful beach surveys. Now you can just use your iPhone. The key fascination was to flip over suitably sized flat rocks in the depth of the pools and watch tiny crabs scurry indignantly for cover. I have been checkling the pools and flipping plenty of rocks this summer, but I can’t find any crabs hiding in the shallow sands. Hopefully they have not become victims of a changing environment. #memoriesofsquealsandsplashes #letsmakelemonade

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