Turning in the hand

“There is no scrap wood, just pieces yet to be used…”

Fountain pen collecting is having quite moment. The same for lockdown home art, crafts and hobbies. Many of you will have seen pens similar to the one shown. They are produced and sold by smaller scale makers. Most of these pens are similar in design, but all are unique. They are made by individually by keen craftspeople, usually on a backyard shed lathe, with a chisel held in the hand. The writing mechanisms are uniform, but the materials and finish are certainly not. This particular pen is the work of Bob’s Pens of Distinction, and reflects his personal choices and passions. The really great thing is that this is an individual pen, made by a specific individual, chosen as a gift by an individual and used by me as an individual. I love it and I love the whole concept. #thankschristine #timetobuyalathe #letsmakelemonade

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