Ancient orders

“When they stopped believing in Druids, they began to believe in anything…”

Stephen Hunt

Last weekend I ventured into Flinders Street with the Adelaide Urban Sketchers. Our target was the old Druid’s Hall. The Ancient Order of Druids was a friendship society founded by a group of merchants and artisans at the Kings Arms pub, London in 1781. There was no particular reason behind the name Druid, except that the first leader, Henry Hurle was an enthusiastic researcher in the field. The Druids are divided into lodges, but are completely separate from Freemasonry. The organization had a major schism in 1833, when a renegade group broke away and formed the United Ancient Order of Druids. The issue was membership fees, as it often is. The UAOD was highly successful and spread internationally, including to here in Flinders Street. I have memories of this building in the 1990s being the Russian restaurant, Volga. Melissa and I spent an unforgettable evening there involving flaming food, flashing swords, flying kebab meat and roaming violinists. #somoteitbe #letsmakelemonade

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