Gossip about the neighbours

“Kites rise highest against the wind…”

Winston Churchill

This year we have a new family in the neighbourhood at Aldinga. In a pine tree adjacent to our property is a nest belonging to his beauty. It is a Black-shouldered kite, Elanus axillares. The BSK is a small raptor found in open habitat across Australia. This species forms monogamous pairs for nesting and breeding. They search for prey in open grasslands by a distinctive hover, scan and vertical strike. It has been amazing to watch. This bird looks blue because I painted it. #blueisonme #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “Gossip about the neighbours

  1. A lovely story and painting David. Birds and their behaviours never cease to amaze me. My Dad planted iron barks in his yard and they were soon home to the crows, smart birds. A neighbour had emphysema and coughed every morning. The crows soon learned to mimic his cough much to my father’s amusement.

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