Feature not a fault

“There are books of the hour, and books of all time…”

John Ruskin

All of us have struggled with the tension of wanting to try something new, but being fearful of a mistake ruining the opportunity. This true of my interests – painting, stationery, modeling and surgery. Using a perfect sheet of handmade Japanese writing paper takes surprising courage. Even the simple task of writing a greeting in a birthday or wedding card can paralyse us. Take heart from the 8th Century CE. The Book of Kells is arguably the most important and expensive single book in the world. It was produced by some of the finest scribes and illuminators that the world has ever known. Yet here on Folio 218v, dealing with the Gospel according to Matthew, is a glaring mistake. The whole page has been duplicated in error. It is actually one of many errors in the famous book. Unlike the digital world there was no seemless deletion. The simple solution was to place a pretty border of red crosses to alert the reader of the issue and avoid confusion. There are many lessons for life here, nonetheless you just know that the scribe that did this was mortified. #toerrisdivine #letsmakelemonade

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