The Montblanc 1912

“Pens are over confident pencils…”

– down the rabbit hole

The 1912 Heritage Montblanc is based on the Rouge et Noir “safety pen” of the early 20th Century. The original maker was known as the Simple Filler Pen Company of Hamburg, later to become Montblanc. A safety fountain pen has a nib that can be retracted into the barrel, sealing the ink chamber and preventing leaks. All Montblanc fountain pens have 4810 engraved on the nib. This is the height of Mont Blanc in metres. The company now make a wide range of luxury products, I use a Montblanc aftershave, but the pens are really their go. #disappearingnib #letsmakelemonade

2 thoughts on “The Montblanc 1912

  1. Hi David
    Interested in what you said about ink the other day.
    Parker ink is a quick drying ink but labeled as “QUINK”.
    A play on words and a marketing ploy?


    1. Exactly
      Check my post called the gall of it


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