Gone but not forgotten

“”…I feel like I just found a secret trapdoor to a secret level in the game of life…”

Hessy Messy

Thommason Hyperart is type of conceptual art named by the Japanese artist Akasegawa Genpei in the 1980s. It refers to a useless relic or structure that has been preserved as part of a building, and should be considered art. The term Thommason comes from the American baseball player Gary Thommason, who was signed by Japanese team Yomiuri Giants in 1977, for a record breaking fee. Sadly, he spent his time with the team setting a strikeout record, before being permanently benched. A Thommason must be actively maintained, with ongoing cost and effort , but with no useful purpose. Examples are shared extensively online. The southeastern corner of the Adelaide CBD is a good place to start looking. This secret knowledge will considerably enhance a walk if you find one. #keepasneakyeyeout #letsmakelemonade

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