An Extraordinary object

“No research is undisputed concerning the masterpiece of Pergamon – neither date, builder, occasion nor purpose…”

Wolfgang Radt

The Pergamon Altar was probably constructed around 180BC to celebrate a Pergmene victory over the Galatians. Pergamon was an Ancient Greek city near the Aegean Sea. In modern times it is now part of Turkey. In 1877 the German Empire was keen to have cultural exhibitions to match the British (think Elgin Marbles). The excavation of the altar commenced soon after with the Ottoman Empire vaguely agreeing with a transfer to Berlin. It now resides on Museum Island in that city, where it survived WW2 and the Cold war. It is a massive and incredibly complete monument. When I visited in the 2000s it was essentially a climbing wall. It is now closed for renovation and will reopened to the public behind glass. #raidersofthelostark #letsmakelemonade

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