Finally, a pen, paint and scalpel post

“A man should not marry before he has studied anatomy and dissected at least one woman…”

Honore de Balzac

Those who been with me in theatre during a thyroid operation will attest how boring I can be on the topic of Zuckerkandl. Knowledge of his tubercle is important to the thyroid surgeon. His original ink sketch is shown above, alongside an explanatory colour work of my own. The presence of a large ZT will place the recurrent laryngeal nerve and superior parathyroid gland in a more vulnerable position during surgery. Emil Zuckerkandl became professor in anatomy at the University of Vienna in 1888. Among his closest friends were sculptor Auguste Rodin, painter Gustav Klimt and composer Gustav Mahler. Zuckerkandl was a busy guy – he also gave his name to a convolution(brain) , bodies(aorta), membrane(pleura), canal(maxilla), fascia(renal) and dehiscence(ethmoid). #suchananatomynerd #letsmakelemonade

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