Manhattan of the Desert

“The Yemen Republic is an exotic mix of mountains, deserts, rebellious tribes and guns…”

Lonely Planet

On the edge of the desert known as the Empty Quarter, is the Yemen city of Shibam. This walled city dates to Biblical times, and was a key rest stop for spice and incense caravans travelling the Frankincense trail to Egypt. Mud brick buildings of up to 11 stories tall were constructed to maximise the accomodation within the fortifications. Civil war, wind and rarely soaking rains all threaten the future of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, don’t start booking flights to see it just yet. This is not an easy place to visit. Yemen is probably the most dangerous country in the world for travel. Shibam is also in the tribal homelands of Osama Bin Laden. #Oldestmetropolis #letsmakelemomnade

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