Why bring myrrh?

” I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon…”

Proverbs 7:17

Of the three gifts of the Magi, the cheapest by some margin was myrrh. This is not to say it was inexpensive, just a little more available. However, it was a very practical choice. Myrrh gum harvested from the Commiphera myrrha tree was used for analgesia, uterine bleeding, mouth disorders, GI upset, cough, asthma and cancer. Not a bad choice for the perinatal setting. It was also thought to enhance the mystical and medical qualities of Frankincense. The other important use of myrrh relates to its use in mummification and embalming. Obstetrics was a high risk enterprise in ancient times. Best be prepared for everything. At the end of his life, Jesus was again offered myrrh whilst on the cross, presumably to relieve suffering. #bringthefirstaidkit #letsmakelemonade

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