More elusive than gold

“Controversy equalises fools and wise men in the same manner – and don’t the fools know it…”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Most of us have heard of the Silk trail, a vital ancient trade route for Eastern Cultures. The other great trading journey was the Frankincense trail. Resin from the Boswellia sacra trees, found in remote Oman, needed to be brought vast distances to the rulers and wealthy elite in Egypt and further West. The task was accomplished by camel caravans, as most of the trail was over desert. In antiquity, Frankincense was more valuable than gold. It was burnt as a sign of wealth during auspicious occasions and ceremonies. In the middle east it was the favoured source of smoke for blessing and purifying newborns. This is probably why the three Magi chose it as one of their gifts. #christmasseries1 #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “More elusive than gold

  1. Pump, corkscrew and scope. December 22, 2019 — 9:03 am

    Loving this blog, Walshy. Keep it up.


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