Founder of the Giza tennis club

“An old book smells like ancient Egypt…”

Ray Bradbury

Much of our understanding of the Giza plateau and the Great Pyramids comes from the 19th Century. Archeological work at the site was divided into concessions for each colonial power – Prussia, France, England and America. Perhaps not politically correct – but that was then, this is now. The American area was run by Harvard University, or more specifically George Reisner. This man worked and lived on the site for over 40 years. The Harvard campsite boasted one of the first tennis courts in Egypt, George was a demon on the court. Reisner didn’t have access to the Pyramids, but his concession was culturally much richer, capturing the relics of life around the memorial. His obsessive documentation form the basis for Harvard’s 3D website It is amazing. #anyone for tennis #letsmakelemonade

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