Just an upmarket Bic

“I have to write a first draft with a fountain pen…”

Above is my Waterman Carene. It has an archetypal inlaid nib and a strong art deco vibe. The cap band is engraved with made in France, but that has not always been true. Lewis Edson Waterman, resident of New York, founded the brand in 1884. He is one of several people from this period who claim to have invented the fountain pen, with his patent of his three fissure feed. Prior to this, all pens were dip nibs, ink bottles, impractical and messy. These pens went in your pocket. Waterman pens was bought by the French pen company, Bic in 1956. Who says that you would never catch me writing with a Bic! #pensnob #letsmakelemonade

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