Keeping perspective

“Whoever makes a design without the knowledge of perspective will be liable to absurdities…”

William Hogarth

I really struggle with perspective in my sketching. It is hard. In perspective drawing, objects are scaled relative to the viewer. The technique employs a horizon line, one or more vanishing points, and foreshortening of objects. If you don’t get it right your drawings look wonky. Early art did not employ perspective. it used size and position of objects to represent spiritual or thematic importance – think of Egyptian tomb art. The ancient Greeks made vague attempts to wrangle with it on their frescos – look at the Parthenon Marbles again. The real practice and theory of perspective emerged with Brunelleschi, in Florence around 1420. After this art was no longer tied to religion and royalty, it was practical, representational and often architectural. William Hogarth set out to demonstrate the perils of incorrect perspective, in his 1754 engraving Satire on Perspective. It contains over 22 deliberate errors. Why not spend lock down finding them all? #keepyourperspective #letsmakelemonade

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