The Grange of inks

” Ink, a drug…”

Vladimir Nabokov

Anyone who likes fountain pens has by default an interest in inks. Some collectors use litres of the exact same ink -usually a blue or black. Others acquire a vast array of inks, each with a subtle variation in colour, tone or behaviour. Sadly, I am in this later group. Many of us have so many inks that complex storage solutions are required, along with tools such as online databases. A working fluency in multiple languages, especially Japanese is also helpful. Given the actual rate that ink is used is modern life, most of us have reached SABLE (stationary acquisitions beyond life expectancy). This photo shows a Mont Blanc/James Purdey Malt Whiskey ink. Yes, it smells like whiskey. No, I haven’t tasted it, but online ink tasting reviews are a real thing. Price per ml, it is twice as expensive as Penfold’s Grange, but this bottle will give a lifetime of enjoyment. #gottagetallthecolours #letsmakelemonade

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