The reality of the situation

“Grant me paradise in this world, I’m not so sure I’ll reach it in the next…”


The last supper of Christ is a common vision in Renaissance art. Most of us regularly encounter the classic long table refectory view, as made famous by Leonardo da Vinci. Nearly all of the other works use the same format of frontal perspective, showing a long table, figures facing the viewer. Nobody eats dinner like that. Tintorella’s Last Supper dates from around 1593. It is complex, asymmetrical and dynamic. It feels more like a realistic representation of people gathering to meet, prepare and share a meal. Most of us are experiencing a battery of virtual meetings, during this time of social isolation. A Zoom meeting seems like it should be civilised, well organised and slickly executed, much like the work of Leonardo. The reality is much closer to Tintorello. #areyoustillmuted #letsmakelemonade

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