100 not out

“He should know, he has got his own blog…”

Rockin’ the Suburbs – Ben Folds Five

To make 100 runs in a cricket innings is considered a significant mark of technique, application and stamina. This is the 100th post on PenPaintandscalpel, and I suspect these afore mentioned qualities apply as much to the readers of the blog, as they do to the author. 100 posts was a goal that I set when beginning this project, acutely aware that most blogs don’t last for more than a few dozen posts before enthusiasm and ideas fade. I have immensely enjoyed this experience as a new way to communicate with my readers/friends, in a manner that reflects my personal style. WordPress gives me a lot of information about my blog. Readership events are approaching 4000, most people access the site from Facebook, and my most popular post was about a pasta meal from my childhood. As you can see from the heat map, the site is visited from all over world, representing where people live or travel, along with the global interest any internet activity attracts. Having reached 100, it is my intention to continue forward and to continue to have fun. To my readers/friends, congratulations and thanks for getting us this far. Watch out for more posts on PenPaintandScalpel. #loveyouall #letsmakelemonade

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