A visitor in the sky

“How bright and beautiful a comet is as it flies past our planet – provided it does fly past…”

Issac Asimov

Earlier this month a 3 mile wide, 4.6 billion year old, dirty snowball passed by the earth. Comet Neowise was named after the infrared space telescope that first detected it in March. On July 22nd it passed within 65 million miles of earth and was bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, mainly in the Northern hemisphere. This is one of the brightest comets to visit Earth this century, but is not considered a great comet – the last of those was Hale-Bopp in 1997. For those who missed it, or were in the Southern hemisphere, Neowise will be back in 7000 years. It is another reminder that a potential global threat can emerge quite suddenly, despite however smug we may feel about modern technology. Based on recent history, how would the world react to a comet on a collision course? #seeyounexttime #letsmakelemonade

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