A verdant land?

“Greenland is not for sale…”

Mette Frederiksen

The first mention of Greenland in Western culture came around 986. Erik the Red had explored the land, and was later asked to establish an Icelandic/Norwegian settlement. Erik lead 14 boats on this endeavour. His fellow settlers eventually questioned why he had named this frozen domain Greenland. He then revealed that he thought such a name would encourage more potential settlers on his trip. During these unprecedented times, it might be the perfect place to visit. Greenland with a population of just over 56,000 people, has a human density of just 0.14/square km. Such population density is even less than the darkest jungles of Central Africa. A trip to Greenland is perfect for social distancing – provided you like glaciers which cover 80% of the land mass. Donald Trump was reported keen to purchase Greenland in 2019 – he must have had an inkling of what was coming this year. #oneforjulie #letsmakelemonade

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