Nib anatomy

“A fountain pen is really just a controlled leak of ink…”

Richard Binder, Nibmeister

The nib is where the action and the money is. This precise part can be likened to the face of a pen, giving unique appearance, function and character. Basic nib parts include the Breather Hole (the entry point for air to displace ink), the Slit (a channel for ink to reach the paper), the Tines (the regulators of ink flow during downward pressure) and the Tip (hardened material fused to the nib to smear ink on the page). Nibs are one of the key elements of cost and desirability of a fountain pen. Nearly all are decorated with an imprint design and a series of characters. These indicate the size and material, but some classic pens have prominent more obscure numbers. 3776 on Platinum is the height of Mt Fuji, 1911 is the year Sailor was founded and 4810 is the elevation of Mont Blanc. #pennerdbasics #letsmakelemonade

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