Gilding the lilly

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the the light gets in…”

Leonard Cohen

The iconic image of a fountain pen is a simple black cigar shape. This is by far the most common configuration of pen manufactured and sold. The major debate is a preference for gold or silver trim. As you fall into the rabbit hole of pen collecting, new worlds open. Even basic black pens can be decorated elaborately, and no two need ever look the same. The Japanese are masters in this space, as they often are with fountain pens. Among the next few posts, I intend to explore this world. Above is an image from FudeFan, showing one of the latest trends. My blog has adopted the concept of Kintsugi – repairing with gold lacquer and embracing flaws and damage. This technique is now emerging on pens. They are intentionally cracked or scratched and the damage repaired with gold. It goes without saying such treatment of these beloved objects will divide the online fountain pen community. #intentionaldamage #letsmakelemonade

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