A sprinkled picture

“Even monkeys fall from trees…”

Japanese Proverb

I want to discuss the Japanese tradition of finely decorating fountain pens. Maki-e, literally the sprinkled picture, is one of the most beautiful. Artists skilled in the method apply gold or silver powder to wet black lacquer. The technique originated for decorating sword sheaths around 700, but blossomed in the Edo period 1603-1868. During the latter period, Maki-e moved to homeware objects, and out of the Royal Court and into the lives of the wealthy. Painstaking care and decades training are needed to become an accomplished Maki-e artisan. Each piece is unique and by convention signed by the artist during the process. You can just see the signature on my beautiful Namiki pen with traditional Fir Tree design. #giftfrommywife #letsmakelemonade

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