A long, long time ago

Dickinsonia costata
Sprigg, 1947

Around 550 million years ago most of the land encompassing the Flinders Ranges was a shallow sea. The conditions here were just right. Temperature, water depth, sunlight, radiation levels and tidal movements were perfect for the commencement of animal life. Dickinsonia is an example of an Ediacaran fossil, found in a specific geological layer, recognised in 2004 as a distinct geological era. The bulk of these fossils have been found in the Flinders, although there are significant sites in Russia. The presence of cholesterols in the fossils, allows them to be classified as the first animal species. The hills at the back of Nilpena Station contain some of the finest Ediacaran fossils and importantly the beds remain largely intact at their original site. It was amazing to visit these beds and view the specimens. It was more remarkable to be shown them by the Station owner who found them over 30 years ago. #www.myfossil.org/amateur-spotlight-ross-fargher/ #letsmakelemonade

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