Plague doctors

“Give someone a mask and they’ll show you their true face…”

Oscar Wilde

The 14th Century Black Death was an economic disaster. Something had to be done, and real doctors were too valuable to waste. The role of Plague doctor was established in Italy, and eventually adopted across Europe. Minimal training was needed, but they were given special duties. Provide the available dubious cures, tally up the infected and dead, prepare last wills, and perform autopsies to prevent disguised murders. Unlike 2020 they were highly paid for this dangerous work, it is estimated that only 1 in 15 survived the pandemic. Their costume was distinctive, with an enclosing hat and cloak, combined with the iconic mask. The beak was filled with juniper, ambergris, roses, mint, camphor, ladbanum, myrrh and storax. The cane was to keep others socially distant, move bodies and to somehow check pulses. #historyalwaysrepeats #letsmakelemonade

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