A different surgical apprenticeship

“Man is by nature competitive, combative, ambitious, jealous, envious and vengeful…”

Sir Arthur Keith, Surgeon

It is satisfying when I can bring together several of my interests in a blog post. I particularly like surgeons who draw. As can seen above William Clift was a remarkable sketcher. This was apparent at an early age. in 1792 at age 17, he became an unpaid apprentice to the legendary surgeon John Hunter. Clift was engaged “to write and make drawing, to dissect and take part in the charge of the museum”. The museum belonged to the Royal College of Surgeons, which had just been established at the back of Hunter’s Leicester Square home. Sadly, Hunter died within a year of Clift arriving in London. Undaunted, Clift went on to devote his life to what would become the Hunterian Museum. The museum is remarkable and open to the public at the RCS in London, should we ever get a chance to travel again. Fun fact: Clift’s daughter Caroline, married Richard Owen the first man to locate a parathyroid gland. #surgicaldrawing #letsmakelemonade

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