Socially distant art

“Art is a line around your thoughts…”

Gustav Klimt

About 2 weeks ago a helicopter team from the Utah Department of Public Safety, spotted a large metal monolith in the remote Red Rock Valley. Cue the theme music for 2001: A Space Odyssey, followed by Close Encounters. Most likely it is an example of remote art, but conspiracy theorists have become pretty busy. Experts are scrambling to identify the artist. Utah is threatening legal action. Most favour it to be a work in the style of John McCraken. He died in 2011, so either it has remained hidden for more than a decade, or it is a tribute piece from another sculptor. Anonymous remote art has always been a thing. It dates back to pre history with examples such as Nazca Desert lines in Peru, the White Horses of South West England, or the Maree Man of South Australia. The mystery of these often massive works is the best part. Maybe 2020 will see it’s widescale revival. #whereshouldiputmine #letsmakelemonade

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