Jotting it down

“I am not writing it down to remember it later, I am writing it down to remember it now…”

Field Notes company motto

Most of recorded human history was recorded on stone or rock. It was a durable system, but hardly portable and fast. The user interface technology also had challenges. Indeed the skill of writing characters really didn’t emerge on cave walls. The Mesopotamians used wet clay and wax which was an improvement, and indeed basic cuneform letters appeared at that time. The Egyptians had several unique factors that led to the develpment of writing. They had access to papyrus leaves, a climate to dry their paper and early inks, and a large civilisation that needed writing techniques to help govern it. Paper and ink as we now use it, started in Ancient Egypt. This Mont Blanc Egyptomania pen celebrates this contribution to modern writing and the hobby of pen collecting. as well as their art and design. It is a wonderful thing to admire, complete with a pen sarcophagus. Even I can see that the eyewatering price is ridiculous. #afewofmyfavouritethings #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “Jotting it down

  1. Just worked it out
    A patent on their ink is QUINK
    Qu ick
    Drying quickly


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