Not all safaris are in Africa

“The pen is the tongue of the mind…”


Manfred Lamy died a few weeks ago, having founded and led the LAMY Pen company since 1966. LAMY has always been thought of as the second greatest German pen maker, Montblanc reigning supreme. However, at the entry level of fountain pens, nobody has dominated the market like LAMY over the past few decades. The Safari is the gateway pen for many fountain pen tragics. This pen with iconic design features, moulded triangular grip to help the newbie pen user and non offensive price tag has been the company’s greatest success. It was launched at the 1980 Heidelberg Pen Show, and initially targeted at children with images of Africa and wild animals. The above photos show the original LAMY booth and the two African themed launch models, terracotta and khaki. LAMY has rereleased these pen colours as part of a 40th celebration. If you happen to own the original pens their resale value is in the thousands. No bad for an initial investment of under ten dollars. #beginnerfountainpen #letsmakelemonade

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